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Some Thoughts

by Seamus in General Discussion · · 5 Replies · View last reply Respond

A few years ago when Socialgo was brand new on the Scene of Cookie Cutter Social Platforms, I was an Active Member of SGV 1. At the time the Service was plagued with Horrible Customer Service and constant downtime which made paying the $24.99 + $20 for a Custom Domain (White Label) experience an insult.

I will Admit, that Socialgo had the right Features and everything I personally wanted in a White Label Social Platform, the downtime and Glitches were just unacceptable. Fast forward to Present Day and SocialGo cost's a little bit more, but lacks over half the Features version one had.

It would appear that Socialgo took a Step Back, instead of Forward while all the other SAAS (Software As A Service) Offerings such as Ning for Example Improved upon their Offering.

As of right now in 2012 I find myself starting New Projects all the time, each one is different in Scope. For Instance, I recently had a free Trial of SocialGo Version 2, and was deeply disturbed by the fact that Profiles are no longer Customizable.

I was crossing my fingers, hoping SocialGo had Matured but was met with a Reversal of Core Offerings. Truth is, I used to see a lot of Potential in Socialgo and have always kept it one of my most Precious Tabs in my Browser.

Unfortunately I yet again find myself not being able to Endorse Socialgo as it Lacks pertinent features required for a Project like mine. Although I must give credit for the Content being readily available 24/7 which is a Major Improvement over Version 1.

My Primary Website is built upon the Squarespace Platform which offers a lot of the Basics that Socialgo does but for $10 less per Month. Of course I've had to tweak a lot of Settings and work with the Code Directly but still am able to pull off a fully Featured basic Community / Website.

I have no doubt that people will find Socialgo's Offering useful, however for those of us whom dare to dream and get Inspired the current Offering is less than Ideal. Just like anything else in Life there is no Perfect Social Platform, although some like Kickapps which was recently rebranded under the Kit Digital Company, came very close to a Perfect Product.

As for my Latest Project, I'm afraid Socialgo nor any other Cookie Cutter Social Platform will be able to win my Business as the latest Project is heavy in Video and Live Streaming. I'm now left having to decide whether to setup my own Dedicated Server, or paying a Stream Hoster Hundreds upon Hundreds of dollars to handle it for me.

It would be great if everything were in one Solution, but alas the Internet doesn't work that way.

I will state for the Record that should Socialgo actually Mature to an Acceptable Degree I will give it another go in the Future as I'm always working on new Projects. Until then, I don't see the Justification in paying more for Less.

SocialGO Team Administrator
SocialGO Team

Hi Seamus - thank you very much for this blog post, your thoughts are heard and taken on board. We're pleased that you noted the much improved service level and reliability of the platform, although we appreciate that you are not content with the current set of features. This is something we are aware of and are working on, so please do give us another try in the future.

For your video / live streaming project, we probably wouldn't have been ideal in both versions. Perhaps have a look at Ustream? (although this won't be a dedicated white labelled product) Either way, best of luck with finding a suitable platform and we hope to see you at some point in the future using SocialGO.

SocialGO Team Administrator
SocialGO Team

We're sorry you feel that way, Troy, but appreciate your opinion and input.